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Kimba Lions and Sheep for Lions Mincemeat for Foodbank project

Lions Foodbank Project

The Foodbank Project is focused on processing sheep to provide a valuable source of mincemeat, a versatile and nutritious ingredient for meal preparation. Each sheep processed, yields approximately 20 kilograms of mincemeat, with every kilogram capable of producing three meals. This innovative approach not only aids in combating hunger but also supports local farmers by utilising their donations to benefit the community.

Richmond Lions Club is proud to support this project, and has donated $15,000 to this project to date.

Lions Recycle for Sight

Recycle for Sight Australia has collected millions of pairs of used spectacles, sunglasses, new frames and other equipment. The program distributes regraded, or refurbished, spectacles to many parts of the world to Lions Clubs, Rotary Clubs and other humanitarian organisations for distribution to people in need, with no expense or obligation for the recipient.

Our club sends a box of glasses (approx. 5kg in weight) every 2 months.

Lions Recycle for Sight - Richmond Lions Club
colourful recycling bins - Richmond Lions Club environmentally friendly


Richmond Lions Club collects a large amount of rubbish each year, including:

  • 4.5 tonnes of e-waste
  • 33 cubic metres of cardboard is collected and not sent to landfill
  • 3-4 tonnes of clothing is sent to Industrial Rag and not sent to landfill
  • 12-14 tonnes of scrap metal is collected by Denron
  • 12-14 tonnes of paper and books are taken to Fibrecycle to be made into kitty litter

Our Lions Club is passionate about the environment.

Youth Programs with Wyatt Trust

The Richmond Lions Club established a partnership with The Wyatt Trust to support youth education initiatives in Western Adelaide. The partnership aims to deliver funding to support eligible young people in youth education projects through the City of West Torrens, City of Marion and City of Charles Sturt.

An example project involves Junction Australia’s partnership with Free Mind Skate School to deliver a weekly, after school clinic that teaches children in the local area the joy of skateboarding. The program is free to residents with all safety and equipment provided, breaking down financial barriers for community members.

Australian Lions Hearing Dogs car donated by the Richmond Lions Club

Australian Lions Hearing Dogs

Richmond Lions Club are proud to support the amazing work of the Australian Lions Hearing Dogs (ALHD). ALHD support the deaf and hard of hearing community. ALHD now also support people living with type 1 diabetes, through the training and placement of medic alert dogs.

Richmond Lions donated the funds required to purchase an additional ALHD car (as pictured) to assist the program.

Knitted Blankets

Volunteers with the Richmond Lions Club knit 20cm by 40cm rectangles, which are then sewn together to make beautiful and warm blankets.

Pictured here is the 27th blanket, which has been donated to the Adelaide Day Centre for the homeless.

Donations of 8 ply wool is appreciated.

Richmond Lions Club - knitted blankets
Adelaide Day Centre

Supporting Homeless & Hospitals

Our Club donates kitchen cooking items, sleeping bags, bed linen etc. To the Adelaide Day Centre, in support of the homeless, every couple of weeks.

Stationary items are supplied to the Christies Beach Kindergarten. We have also supplied tables and chairs.

We also supply clothing, including tracksuits, to the Flinders Hospital.

Lions Christmas Cakes & Puddings

In the lead up to Christmas each year, the Richmond Lions Club sells Lions Christmas cakes and puddings. 

Funds raised from these sales are donated back into the community to support causes such as blindness prevention and vision impairment projects, medical research, Australian Lions Children’s Mobility Foundation, eye health programs, Australian Lions Hearing Dogs, disaster relief and much more.

We sell the following:

  • 1.5kg Cake
  • 1kg Cake
  • 900g Pudding
Lions Christmas Cakes and puddings - Richmond Lions Club